Free IP banning service, remotly hosted

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Once you register for our service, you can log in and quickly add or edit the list of banned ip's. Allows the use of partial IP's to block large blocks of IP's in 1 click. We use several methods to block people, which I will not describe for the security of the service. For 99% of people our service is more then adequate to eliminate them from your site. How does it work you ask??? You place the invisible iframe somewhere on your page. Each time that page is loaded, our script that runs when the iframe is loaded, reads the visitors IP address, and searches for it in your list of banned IP's. If it is found, a special javascript is triggered in the iframe, that forces the parent frame (your page) to go off to some site on the internet. They never even see your page load, or know anything happened. The Iframe code needs to be added to each and every page on your site you need to protect, exactly the same way that you would add a counter to each page. We decided to make the iframe invisible, and hope that our clients link back to us as a thanks for the free service.

Title: Free IP banning service, remotly hosted
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