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DriveScrubber is a utility designed to securely wipe all data from any hard or floppy drive, regardless of its file format or operating system. Its purpose is to ensure the safety, privacy, and security of private, personal, confidential, or proprietary information. Once a drive has been wiped with DriveScrubber, no attempts (regardless of their level of sophistication) will be able to recover any data that previously existed thereon. Most people believe that when a drive is formatted, all information within is permanently and irrecoverably gone. The error in this belief is that it relies on some basic assumptions that are very far from the truth. Obviously, this poses a very significant security problem, and individual computer users who do not wish the data that existed on their computers to be accessible after formatting (or simply donating, selling, or discarding their systems) are not the only ones that are subject to this predicament. Businesses, schools, government agencies, and military institutions that frequently deal with extremely sensitive, private, and confidential data are also left wide open and vulnerable to attempts at breaching security and recovering proprietary information from old or unused drives. This information usually represents dire consequences should it unintentionally fall into the wrong hands! DriveScrubber uses methods approved by the US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22) to ensure that ALL data on ANY drive is permanently disposed of, beyond ALL possible techniques of recovery. It works by using techniques independent of standard operating systems which allow it to begin wiping data at the absolute beginning of a drive and continue until the absolute end. This means that your drives will be scrubbed clean of all data that may be hiding in miscellaneous places that standard formatting and/or operating system based utilities cannot reach.

Title: DriveScrubber
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Last Updated: 2003-11-05
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