Core ColdFusion 5 (With CD-ROM)

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The project-based guide to enterprise ColdFusion 5 development! * Develop serious applications with ColdFusion 5—fast! * Practical, project-based coverage delivers skills and code you can use right now * Database integration, Flash graphs, XML, wireless development, and much more * New ColdFusion 5 features: user-defined functions, query-of-queries, and data-driven graphs * Complete, working applications include an e-commerce site, a banner ad management system, a WML address book application, a site search, an intelligent agent, a ColdFusion 5 certification practice test, and much more! * Includes complete CFML tag and function reference * CD-ROM: 30-day evaluation copies of the latest Macromedia ColdFusion 5 products, plus an unrestricted copy of ColdFusion Express, and all source code.

Title: Core ColdFusion 5 (With CD-ROM)
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