Professional ColdFusion 5.0

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For both developers and Web administrators, Professional ColdFusion 5.0 can let you do more with the highly regarded ColdFusion Web application platform. Part programming tutorial and part administrative guide, there's little doubt that this title fills a valuable niche for anyone who develops or manages applications built for this popular package. This book is noteworthy for the range of ColdFusion tools and tips that are assembled under one cover. There are two ways to benefit from this text. First, it's an excellent resource for administrators. From getting up and running to in-depth advice on performance and security settings, Professional ColdFusion 5.0 presents a virtually indispensable guide to CF server administration. Standout sections include running and configuring the Verity search engine, plus a chapter on clustering ColdFusion applications. Illustrated with plenty of screen shots, this book is a virtual must-have for anyone responsible for deploying or managing CF applications in the field.

Title: Professional ColdFusion 5.0
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