EZ Flash 5: Short Projects and Creative Ideas Using Macromedia Flash

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If you are new to Flash, or an experienced Flash user, you will find this book to be exciting, informative, and offers a wealth of creative ideas and techniques for getting the most out of Flash for web creation. Learning Flash is both fun and easy. This book provides over 30 short projects and over 100 experimental ideas that cover a variety of effects and techniques such as: Melting Type, Solar Explosions, Animated Typist using ActionScript, EZ Web Games, MP3 Sound Controllers, Dynamic Photography, Fading Web Paint, Motion Trails, Score Keeping for Web Games, Collision Detection, Creating and Testing Preloaders, and Interactive Web Portfolios. There are also tutorials for using Photoshop and Illustrator with Flash and a chapter on reverse engineering interesting Flash web sites. Additionally, this text provides a straightforward introduction to ActionScript. You will enjoy exploring new Flash ideas that are presented in a short (2-8 page), easy to follow, step-by-step format. This book allows you learn, create, and publish a variety of Flash effects quickly and easily.

Title: EZ Flash 5: Short Projects and Creative Ideas Using Macromedia Flash
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