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CyberFlash - For a long time, Internet user is desperated looking for a decent solution to manage web content downloading. By using 'Save As' from Internet browser, web content could be only saved as a local file that is hard to organize or track thereafter. CyberFlash brings an unique solution to fix those issues. With a toolbar button, user can do 1-click snapshot on desired content on the fly without leaving Internet Explorer. Meanwhile, user has more options to choose downloading in his favorite way, such as a complete page, or highlighted images or text paragraph, or webmail. CyberFlash console is also powered with most demand manipulation on navigating those download by category, review, reload, zip&email, or note associating. Webmail downloading with attachments is a valuable feature for those who want to backup or keey sensitive information away from public storage. CyberFlash is one of the best download managers to make your Internet life more enjoyable. Fast download - Quick downloading while surfing by 1 Click without leaving Internet Exporer. Super fast as the content is gathered from local cache or proxy so as to cut network overhead to minimum. Some downloading is just taking a snap. Multiple download modes - Be able to download complete page, or highlighted pictures/text, or email with attachment. Organizing - Category same interest content in group by drag'n drop. With the group, content could be easily sorted by its URL, subject or timestamp. Zip&Email - Zip a group of or a single message, and forward to friend via Microsoft Outlook Review and Reload - Review and reload the original document into IE for further browsing Taking note - A unique feature to associate a note with message. Especially useful for user to comment something on message such as status tracking.

Title: CyberFlash
Author: Richard1
Price / Cost: US$19.95
Platform / OS: Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Windows Vista Starter
Version: 1.0
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Last Updated: 2007-05-27
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