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Titan, the application firewall from Flicks Software protects your IIS server against procedures executed by entire classes of hack attacks, rather than looking for individual characteristics of known worms and viruses. By protecting your IIS server procedurally, Titan is able to protect against both worms and viruses before they are discovered. Unlike other antivirus applications, such as intrusion detection systems and network firewalls, Titan is not limited to just previously analyzed viruses. Titan monitors all server requests via POST, GET, and Host Header for suspicious query formats, such a hi-bit machine code instructions. Hi - bit machine code instructions are commonly included in server requests submitted by potential hackers. By monitoring the http traffic before it hits the server, Titan is able to stop potential worms before they have the opportunity to take effect.

Title: Titan
Author: admin0064
Price / Cost: Free Trial/$395
Platform / OS: Windows NT/2000 with IIS
Version: 5.5a
Last Updated: 2003-01-05
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