HTML: The Complete Reference

Raiting 5.00

Powell begins the book with introductory chapters that discuss HTML and Web background and set the limits of what HTML coding alone can accomplish.

Cost: US$ 39.99

Edition: December 14, 2000

ISBN #: 0072129514

Pages: 1208

Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference

Raiting 5.00

A complete reference for all of the HTML tags, CSS style attributes, browser document objects, & core JavaScript objects supported by the various standards & the latest versions of Navigator & Internet Explorer. Paper.

Cost: US$ 49.95

Edition: August 1998

ISBN #: 1565924940

Pages: 1073

Sams Teach Yourself HTML and XHTML in 24 Hours

Raiting 5.00

A collection of 24 one-hour lessons on XML and XHTML programming languages. Teaches step-by-step all of the essentials of Web publishing with these languages, with each lesson building on the knowledge from the previous one.

Cost: US$ 24.99

Edition: 5th

ISBN #: 0672320762

Pages: 450

Html Goodies

Raiting 5.00

HTML Goodies deserves a place in the ranks of the best Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) books on the market. Not only does Author Joe Burns teach readers how to use HTML (and in such a wonderfully friendly way), he also explains how to create stylish, efficient Web documents that will keep surfers coming back.

Cost: US$ 19.99

Edition: November 1998

ISBN #: 0789718235

Pages: 527

HTML 4 for Dummies

Raiting 5.00

An engaging guide through the entire Web authoring process<-->from design through maintenance. The authors begin with tips on building better-looking Web pages, then cover HTML basics and advanced topics such as tables, complex pages, forms for feedback, maps, navigation aids, and going live.

Cost: US$

Edition: 3rd

ISBN #: 0764507230

Pages: 405

HTML 4 for the World Wide Web, Fourth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide

Raiting 5.00

A tutorial for novices and a reference for experienced users, featuring step-by-step instruction, tips, troubleshooting advice, and a visual approach with screenshots and code examples.

Cost: US$ 19.99

Edition: 4th

ISBN #: 0201354934

Pages: 384

HTML & XHTML : The Definitive Guide

Raiting 5.00

HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide offers a more comprehensive and pragmatic look at the de facto markup language of today, as well as the emerging next step.

Cost: US$ 34.95

Edition: 4th

ISBN #: 059600026X

Pages: 660

Learning Web Design : A Beginner's Guide to HTML, Graphics, and Beyond

Raiting 5.00

This book starts from the very beginning--defining the Internet, the Web, browsers, and URLs--so you don't have to have any previous knowledge about how the Web works. Jennifer helps you build the solid foundation in HTML, graphics, and design principles that you need for crafting effective web pages.

Cost: US$ 34.95

Edition: March 15, 2001

ISBN #: 0596000367

Pages: 388

Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and XHTML in 21 Days

Raiting 5.00

A guide to becoming skilled and proficient in HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 in 21 days or less. Covers the recent Web publishing technologies and techniques, and offers clear, step-by-step lessons that emphasize hands-on experience in creating Web pages with HTML and XHTML. Outline format. Softcover.

Cost: US$ 34.99

Edition: 3rd

ISBN #: 0672320770

Pages: 864

HTML Pocket Reference

Raiting 5.00

Designed for the serious web designer, author, or programmer, detailing every tag and attribute noting whether the tag is supported by Netscape, Internet Explorer, HTML 4, WebTV, and Opera.

Cost: US$ 12.95

Edition: January 2002

ISBN #: 0596002963

Pages: 104