Html Goodies

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HTML Goodies deserves a place in the ranks of the best Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) books on the market. Not only does Author Joe Burns teach readers how to use HTML (and in such a wonderfully friendly way), he also explains how to create stylish, efficient Web documents that will keep surfers coming back. Burns has structured the book into a series of brief tutorials, each of which tackles a particular technical challenge that might confront a Webmaster. One chapter explains image maps, another goes into depth on frames, while others explain Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Java applets. The tutorials consist of a series of experiments--this code yields this result--interspersed with questions and answers. Where it's appropriate, Burns suggests techniques he's found effective in a variety of situations. You'll be astounded by what you can learn from his advice.

Title: Html Goodies
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