Raiting 5.00

FreeMarker is a generic tool that can be used for generating any kind of text: HTML, XML, RTF, Java source code, etc. You can use it by summarizing the HTML in templates, which will be compiled into template objects, which can dynamically generate HTML.

Cost: Free (LGPL)

Version: 2.1.5

Akmin's Online Site Creator for JSP

Raiting 5.00

Akmin's Online Site Creator is a website designing tool for hosting companies like ISPs, ASPs & DotComs etc and other service providers. Three version of this application available are: JSP, Active Server Pages & ColdFusion.

Cost: $3,475+

Version: 3.0


Raiting 5.00

With JFast Template HTML can be separated from Java code while developing Internet or Servlet applications. It also enables the developer to have a HTML test code, which will give an idea of final HTML output.

Cost: Freeware

OS: Java


Raiting 5.00

Firefly can generate Internet or Internet sites in which any authorized user can enforce a site- wide standard look and feel. An authorized user doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML to add content to a page.

Cost: Free (GPL)

Version: escape-4


Raiting 5.00

eContent is a content management tool that provides a team-based enterprise-wide collaboration for ebusinesses by supporting managing content stored in databases, XML repositories, and static files etc and thus reduces IT burden.

Cost: <$10,000 object; $50,000 full source

Version: 2.0

Internet Document and Report Server

Raiting 5.00

This is a most powerful and flexible web development system that can simplify the online reporting with the support of RML. It can set multiple data per record and it supports database connection pooling for IDRS and for connecting to IDRS report database.

Cost: Free (GPL)

Version: 1.5

Activedit Online Web Editor

Raiting 5.00

ActiveEdit is a content management tool. Like the text area does, this ActiveX DHTML editing component embeds in to a HTML. It features extended CSS support, content cleanable paste buttons, editable image properties, active scan integration, Horizontal Rule Button etc.

Cost: Free Trial/$150

Version: 2.5

OS: JSP 1.1


Raiting 5.00

Site Studio is a browser based solution for website design and construction. The user can work without any knowledge of FTP, imaging software, HTML, Telnet or HTTP. It supports complete control over the website and is helpful for the beginners as well as for professional web developers.

Cost: Free Trial/$1.50 per user

Version: 1.51

OS: Unix, Win NT

Cyber-Pilots Papyrus

Raiting 5.00

Papyrus integrates content management and publishing and lay outing by using OO method to maintaining data. It supports external content editor like HTML, XML, XSL, JSP etc. With Papyrus the complex layout and content data can be represented as a tree structure.

Cost: Shareware

Version: 0.8b

OS: Windows, Linux/Unix, MacOS

HardCore Web Content Management

Raiting 5.00

HardCore Web Content Management is a program which enables the users to update and create content for their internet, intranet and extranet.

Cost: Free / £ 100

OS: Linux, Unix, Windows