Cyber-Pilots Papyrus

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In Papyrus the complex layout and content data are inherited from parent page to child page. It combines layouting, content management and publishing and represents the complex layout and content data in a tree structure. It supports multi user-scalable feature and HTML and JSP output. It features Java/Swing i.e., it can run on any platform like Windows, Mac, Linux or Unix, which provides Java 2 implementation. It supports data bases like MS Access, DB2, Anywhere 5, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL etc. The site and project in Papyrus can be imported or exported as XML. It supports external content editors like HTML, JSP, XSL, XML etc.

Title: Cyber-Pilots Papyrus
Author: admin0073
Price / Cost: Shareware
Platform / OS: Windows, Linux/Unix, MacOS
Version: 0.8b
File Size: 2MB
Last Updated: 2003-03-04
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